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vulpesera's Journal

And I won’t need a pilot
Got a pirate who might sail
Somewhere I heard far away
You answer me
So I’m holding on
To your rainbow sleeves
1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 70's horror films, 70's recipe cards, 80's cartoons, anagrams, antiques, appetite, archie mcphee, ashes to ashes, autumn, b-movies, baltic amber, beer, benzoin, big goddamn dogs, big hands, black books, blade runner, blue-eyed soul, bordello, bourbon, campfires, carpet bags, cartoons, cheesy disco, christopher walken, cinnamon bitch, cloche hats, coen films, comic shops, concrete blonde, cowboy punk, david lo pan, dirty blues, dusk, dye, eddie izzard, edward gorey, etymology, fabric, federico castelluccio, fire, firefly, flocked stonehenge, foxes, future noir, ghost towns, going barefoot, goldfrapp, handwritten letters, heathens, hedonism, hockey fights, horror films, humour, inappropriate tee-shirt slogans, ink, institute of official cheer, interesting names, jazz, jon stewart, kd lang, kinuko craft, knitting, languages, learning, libraries, liev, lon chaney, lush, manx, men in kilts, mn ren fest, moments of absolute clarity, monty python, names, necco wafers, noir, norse, october, old advertisements, opera, outdoors, penn and teller, people watching, peter serafinowicz, photographs, pomegranates, pretenders, procrastination, pulp covers, pumpkins, quisp, reconnecting, red, red cowboy boots, red lipstick, renata tebaldi, rickie lee jones, ricky jay, rising sun, ruby, runes, salt, sarcasm, scandinavian, sci-fi, sewing, shaun of the dead, smoke, smoky nightclubs, smut, soul, soul of the sea, space operas, spaghetti westerns, spooky victorian houses, staircases, star trek, tea, the addams family, the big lebowski, the gobbler, the list, the other list, the ramones, the shatner, theatre of blood, thomas canty, thunderstorms, toile, tom waits, trains, trashy detective novels, twin cities, useless trivia, vetiver, vincent price, vintage, vulgarity, werewolves, westerns, white sand, wit, yakko warner, young frankenstein, young ones